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FOOS To Be Featured at North Texas Film Festival
August 9, 2007

FOOS : The History of American Foosball will be screened at the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton, Texas Friday August 31, 2007. For more information, visit the Thin Line Film Festival website.

STYLUS Magazine Movie Review by Frank Rinaldi
April 12, 2007

" its best it is a damn convincing argument that foosball is the most exciting and greatest of all recreational games."
Read the entire article

Garden State Film Festival Winner 2007

Gary Paulak and FOOS Movie Music Win for Best Music in a Documentary
March 26, 2007

Gary Paulak's foosball movie soundtrack song "When Will I Win?" from FOOS has won for best music at this year's Garden State Film Festival ( ). Own the CD today!

Foosball Movie Soundtrack Nominated for Film Festival Award
March 10, 2007

Gary Paulak's foosball movie soundtrack song "When Will I Win?" from FOOS has been nominated for best song at this year's Garden State Film Festival ( ). The winner will be announced at the Black-Tie Awards Ceremony Sunday March 25, 2007. Own the CD today!

Infectious Publicity Tackles FOOS Promotions
March 1, 2007

Scott Simoneaux of Infectious Publicity has agreed to promote FOOS. For more information, please contact:

Scott Simoneaux
Infectious Publicity

Foosball kicks into a higher gear
January 18, 2007

Foosball article by Cristian Lupsa | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor l including an interview with FOOS director Robert Ismert.

FOOS: Be The Greatest Director Will Attend World Championships of Table Soccer
August 29, 2006

Director Robert Ismert will attend the Tornado World Championships of Table Soccer (Foosball) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Friday September 22 to Sunday September 25, 2006. The World Championships will take place September 20-24, 2006 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. DVDs will be available for purchase.

Press Release: Thirty Years of Table Soccer (Foosball) History Captured for Acclaimed Documentary Movie
August 29, 2006

Click here to view the press release To Feature FOOS : Be The Greatest Online Trailer Contest
July 19, 2006 , an online video editing site, will feature a contest involving FOOS: Be The Greatest. Users will be able to cut and edit a trailer using clips from the movie. The best trailer will win a FOOS: Be The Greatest DVD. More information will be available soon.

Foosball Movie DVD - Will be available August 2006
July 19, 2006

FOOS : Be The Greatest will be available for purchase August 1, 2006. Click here to learn more.

Foosball Movie Blog and Message Board Now Available
December 22, 2005

You may now join the foosball movie blog and foosball movie message board. Ask the director questions. Get in touch with other foosball players. Review the movie and trailer. Discuss the cast.

Foosball Movie Blog

Foosball Movie Message Board

Lee Peppard, owner of Tournament Soccer, Interviewed in Las Vegas
July 27, 2005

Thanks once again to the hard work of Johnny Lott, I was able to arrange an interview with Tournament Soccer owner Lee Peppard in Las Vegas. Peppard pursued his foosball dream with a modest $1500 tournament in Missoula, Montana and within six years had grown his foosball business into a million dollar tour.

DVD Quality Movie Trailer NOW AVAILABLE
July 13, 2005

The DIVX DVD quality foosball trailer is now available. View it here.

Movie Status

Final edits are being made to the foosball movie. Once complete, the movie will be entered into film festivals. If accepted, once the festivals are completed, the DVD will be made available.

DIVX Movie Trailer
April 20, 2005, a brand name of the world's most popular video compression technology, stumbled across the FOOS trailer and has requested to host it using their video compression technology.
Look for the Divx DVD quality trailer soon at in their new section devoted entirely to documentaries.

Winner of Lee Peppard's Northwest Championship Contact
February, 2005
Eugene, Oregon

Stewart Meyers, winner of Lee Peppard's (founder of Tournament Soccer) first tournament finds and makes contact. He and his partner Jack Briggs won the $1500 tournament held at Eight Ball Billiard's in Missoula, Montana. This was the beginning of the Tournament Soccer machine. Mr. Meyers and Mr. Briggs loan one of a kind pictures to be used in the movie.
Lott, Schranz, Gilliland, Pfeil Interviewed
December, 2004
Dallas, Texas

Thanks to the hard work of Johnny Lott, interviews were conducted with foosball Hall of Famers Lori Schranz, Karen Gilliland and Gary Pfeil. All legends of the game from the Tournament Soccer era of foosball in the 1970's.

2004 World Champions
September 2004
Dallas Texas

The 2004 Foosball World Championships is the site where the FOOS movie trailer is released. Downloads have surpassed 50,000 for the foosball movie trailer.

Brad Anderson of Table Sports Radio interviews FOOS director Robert Ismert for his website. Anderson does a great job, but I have decided to add "interviewee" skills to my list of things to do.
Listen to the interview.

Furry, Belz, Bednar Interviewed
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thank you to Doug Furry, one of the games all time greats, for allowing me to travel to Minnesota and interview him along with Brent Bednar and Mike Belz. Furry along with Jim Wiswell and Bednar/Belz were two of the top foosball doubles team of all time.
Warrior Tournament
Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you to Brendan Flaherty, Warrior Custom Golf, for flying me out to Las Vegas for the $200,000 kickoff table soccer event. I was able to interview Kathy Brainard among others and the tournament brought back memories of the 1970's Tournament Soccer days for many players.
Steve and Gena Murray Interviewed
Fort Worth, Texas

Foosball Hall of Famer Steve Murray and his wife Gena were welcomed me into their home for a fantastic interviewed.
Johnny Horton Interviewed
Minneapolis, Minnesota

My first trip to Minnesota for this foosball movie was to catch up with one of the most naturally talented foosball players of all time, Johnny Horton. Horton has played in each major era of foosball including Tournament Soccer, Stryker, Dynamo and Tornado.
2003 World Champions
Dallas, Texas

The 2003 Foosball World Championships was a fantastic opportunity to speak with some of the great players currently on tour. I was able to catch up with Todd Loffredo, Terry Moore, Tommy Atkinson, Dave Gummeson, Mike Archer, Brandon Moreland and others. Jim Stevens is fantastic again with InsideFoos and gives great insight.
Bob Furr, Inventor of the Tornado Foosball Machine Interviewed
Fort Worth, Texas

Bob Furr invites me into his home and reveals the birth of the Tornado Foosball Table. He, along with Bob Hayes, start what has now become the preferred professional table in the United States. Both are now Hall of Famers.
Mike and Mary Archer Interviewed
Dallas, Texas

Thank you for Mike and Mary Archer for having me out to their home.
Scott Moreland Interviewed
Dallas, Texas

Scott Moreland began playing foosball around 1969 and is still playing to this day. A Texas style player, Moreland plays up to five days a week. His son, Brandon, is now one of the top players on the foosball tour.

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The History of American Foosball DVD
A Robert Ismert Documentary
A foosball movie video documentary about the players, promoters, history and passion of American foosball ( also known as table soccer, baby foot, and table football ).


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